An air exchanger is a great asset for every home, especially if you are constantly dealing with stale and humid air. As the name suggests, the tool aims to change the air inside your home with air collected from the outside. The air will get passed through various filters to ensure that it’s clean and comfortable to breathe.

That being said, an air exchanger won’t work efficiently without any assistance and regular cleaning.

The main reasons why you should have your air exchange system professionally cleaned:

Allows the air exchanger to run more efficiently
Your system will last longer
Lowers your energy costs
Saves you money on the costs of repairs
Keeps your household breathing healthy air free of Carbon Monoxide

How Air Exchangers Get Dirty

No matter where the air exchanger is installed, it has one purpose: to draw the unhealthy air out and push the healthy, filtered air in. When contaminated air goes through your unit, pollutants become trapped in the filter. During this time, the air will continue being passed through that filter.

With time, those filters will gather more and more dirt. The dirt may eventually settle and clog your air exchanger and ducts, compromising not only your unit but also the air quality.

Haven’t had Your Air Exchanger Cleaned in a While?

How to Know When Your Air Exchanger Needs Cleaned

Look at the condition of the interior of your air exchange unit. Any accumulation of dirt, debris, bugs and cob webs is a good indicator that it is time to call in the professionals.

For your air to be fresh, the unit doing the cleaning must be free of contaminants. Filters should be cleaned or changed every 1-3 months, whereas the system itself needs a good cleaning at least once per year including the cleaning unit, core, filters, and two outside vents.

Even if you can care for the basic cleaning and maintenance, you will still need a more comprehensive cleaning of your inside vents and duct work, at least every five years. If, however you renovate your home, smoke, or have long-haired animals, you may need to have your vents and ducts professionally cleaned more often than that.

Air Exchanger & Vent Cleaning
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