Cleaning the Filter and Coils of Your Heat Pump

Cleaning the Filter and Coils of Your Heat Pump

The filter and coils are easy to access parts of heat pumps that you can clean yourself without special equipment or cleaning agents. By following some simple steps, cleaning the filter and coils of your heat pump takes little effort.

Read on to learn how to clean the filter and coils of your heat pump to keep your heat pump running efficiently.

Cleaning the Filter of Your Heat Pump

Depending on your heat pump usage, you may need to clean or replace your heat pump filters every month. Thankfully, these filters are simple to clean and easily accessible from the indoor head unit. After inspecting the unit cover for dirt and dust, you can start cleaning the filter.

  • Turn off the heat pump. Before you start cleaning the filter of your heat pump, shut off the heat pump for your safety.
  • Open the unit cover and carefully remove the air filters. After shutting off the unit, safely open the unit cover to find the air filters placed into grooved channels. Carefully slide the air filters out of the grooved channels.
  • Gently spray the air filters in the kitchen sink. Rather than risk damaging the air-filters with the suction of a vacuum, a light spray of water is the best way to remove any debris caught inside the filters. Do this by using a sink spray nozzle to gently apply water to the filters. Alternatively, use a spray bottle instead if a spray nozzle is not available.
  • Reinstall the filters. Given some time to dry, place your air filters back inside the unit cover and turn back on the heat pump.

Cleaning heat pump filters is a quick and simple process that will help keep your heat pump functioning properly.

Cleaning the Coils of Your Heat Pump

The condenser coil inside your heat pump is responsible for producing cool/hot air inside your home in the winter time. Although these coils do not require frequent cleaning, condenser coils typically need cleaning at least once a year. Here are some instructions you can follow to clean your heat pump’s condenser coil:

  • Turn off the power and remove the outer component of the condenser unit. The outer part of the condenser unit protects the condenser and must be removed to access the condenser.
  • Unscrew the top grille and use the garden hose to remove dirt. When cleaning the condenser coil, make sure NOT to spray the fan directly as there are multiple wires and other electrical components attached to it. You can also use condenser cleaning solutions found at local home improvement stores to gently brush the condenser coil for a better quality clean. Finally, wipe down the condenser coil with a dry, soft cloth.

After cleaning the condenser coil, put the top grille back on and turn back on the heat pump. Cleaning your condenser coil not only keeps the heat pump helps with energy efficiency, but improves the cooling/heating capacity of your heat pump.

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