How Often Should Your Heat Pump Be Cleaned

How Often Should Your Heat Pump Be Cleaned

Cleaning your heat pump regularly is important for maintaining performance and efficiency.  Heat pumps naturally accumulate pollutants such as dust, dirt and mold with repeated use.

Depending on the usage and the heat pump system you have installed, you may need to clean your heat pump more or less often to maintain optimal performance. Read on to learn more about how often your heat pump should be cleaned.

How Often Should Your Heat Pump Be Cleaned

Given the numerous residential heat pumps installed in homes, the cleaning frequency of heat pumps largely depends on the HVAC unit manufacturer. Every HVAC unit manufacturer provides a set of instructions outlining how frequently the system should be cleaned for optimal performance. Once you factor in your heat pump usage and the unit manufacturer instructions, you can infer how often your heat pump should be cleaned.

For most heat pumps, you should clean the filters monthly. The fans and coils should be cleaned yearly. When ignored for prolonged periods, your heat pump’s performance will decline as the filter, fans, and coils get dirtier from pollutants such as dirt and dust. These pollutants build up over time and reduce your heat pump’s airflow.

How Often Should Your Heat Pump Be Deep Cleaned

Most heat pumps are typically deep cleaned at least once per year to ensure the system is operating at an optimal level. Heat pump cleaning services provide a deep clean that removes any pollutants present anywhere in the internal or external components of your heat pump. Professionals are equipped with specialized equipment for inspecting, diagnosing, and cleaning your heat pump.

There are numerous procedures professionals undergo to ensure your heat pump is properly cleaned:

  • Inspecting and cleaning fans
  • Inspecting and cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Checking temperatures
  • Checking for mold growths
  • Checking for low gas levels

Keep in mind that your heat pump usage will directly correlate with how often your heat pump needs to be serviced and cleaned. Some heat pump owners may need their heat pumps serviced two times a year while others only need one service day each year. If you are unsure whether your heat pump needs deep cleaned, then consider getting your heat pump inspected to ensure your heat pump is clean and running properly.

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