The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Mini Split

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Mini Split

Although routine cleaning and maintenance will keep your mini split heat pump in good condition, you should also have your mini split deep cleaned. Deep cleaning a mini split heat pump involves cleaning not only the filter but the interior housing and components of the heat pump.

To avoid voiding your warranty, it is recommended that you use a professional cleaning service to deep clean your mini split heat pump. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of deep cleaning your mini split heat pump.

Increased Performance and Efficiency

Deep cleaning your heat pump will greatly increase performance and efficiency. Since pollutants like dust and dirt and quite often mold build up inside heat pumps, a deep clean is necessary to remove these pollutants and allow your heat pump to run smoothly.

After your heat pump is deep cleaned, you may notice a reduced utility bill at the end of the month depending on the amount of pollutants built up inside your heat pump.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Equipment

When excessive quantities of pollutants accumulate inside your heat pump, more energy is expended by your heat pump when distributing cold and hot air throughout your home. This is because these pollutants block airflow,  which forces your heat pump to work harder to regulate temperatures in your home. As a result, your heat pump will wear down more quickly and have a reduced lifespan. Deep cleaning your heat pump regularly, however, has the opposite effect: prolonging the lifespan of your heat pump.

With less debris clogging your heat pump, it can transfer hot and cold air more efficiently. That is why deep cleaning your heat pump at least once a year is crucial for keeping your heat pump in optimal condition.

Decreased Health Risk Due to Mold

A common symptom of a dirty heat pump is mold growth. If ignored for too long, mold growths can damage your heat pump and spread mold to various parts of your home. It is highly recommended you deep clean your heat pumps at least once per year to keep mold under control. This not only prevents mold outgrowths and helps ensure that clean air is circulated throughout your home which decreases health risks due to potential mold exposure.

Decreased Cost of Your Utility Bills

With a cleaner mini split heat pump, your utility bills will likely drop as well. Deep cleaning your heat pump regularly will reduce the energy output of your heat pump and ensure that your heat pump is operating efficiently all year round.

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