How to Care for and Maintain a Mini Split Heat Pump

How to Care for and Maintain a Mini Split Heat Pump

Mini split heat pumps are highly efficient machines that are effective at regulating temperatures in smaller spaces. To maintain this efficiency, mini splits need consistent care and maintenance.

Caring for and maintaining a mini split heat pump is easy and only requires a few select components to be cleaned regularly, including the filters and condenser coil. Keep reading to learn more about how to care for and maintain a mini split heat pump.

Clean the Filters

One of the most common areas where pollutants accumulate is in the filter. The filters are found inside the indoor head unit. After opening the cover of the head unit, the filters easily slide out of their grooved channels.

The most effective and safest way to clean the filters thoroughly is in the sink with water. Pollutants caught inside the filter’s meshing are pushed out by the water. For a gentler rinse and to avoid damaging the filter, use a sink nozzle to push out dirt and dust attached to the filter.

Clean the Condenser coil

Aside from cleaning or replacing the filters, cleaning the condenser coils is also beneficial and boosts the overall efficiency of your heat pump. Another notable benefit of cleaning the condenser coil regularly is the increased cooling/heating capacity of your mini split.

Condenser coils are accessed through the outdoor unit of your mini split. Start by turning off the power to avoid electrical hazards. Next, you can remove the outer component and clean the condenser coil with either water from a garden hose with soap or condenser cleaning solutions. Afterward, wipe down the condenser coil with a soft, dry cloth or rag until no moisture is left on the coil.

Service Your Mini Split Heat Pump

To maintain optimal performance throughout the year, Professional mini split cleaning services are a viable option when your mini split needs a deep clean. Professionals remove pollutants such as dirt, dust, and mold from the internal and external components using specialized equipment and cleaning agents.

Keep in mind that with increased usage you will likely need to service your mini split more frequently to maintain optimal performance throughout the year. This is also true if your mini split picks up a lot of pollutants from the air during the year, which is something you can minimize by cleaning other parts of the home where dust and dirt naturally accumulate.

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